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Repair and maintenance of electric golf cart tires


In the maintenance records of jinghang after-sales department, according to incomplete statistics, batteries and tires are the most frequently replaced parts of conventional vehicles such as electric sightseeing vehicles, electric patrol vehicles and electric old cars.Proper use and maintenance of tires can effectively extend their life and save you unnecessary expenses.Today, we will introduce to you the system of electric sightseeing car tire repair and maintenance of common sense.
Golf Cart

Check tread pattern of tires

Tread groove depth should be greater than 1.6 mm.Replace the tire when the tread pattern worn grooves are less than or equal to 1.6 mm.Check regularly to make sure there are no nails, stones or other similar substances.

Tightening procedure of tire nut

When the nut is mounted on the tire (turn the cone inward), push the tire inward with your hand first to see if the nut can be tightened further.

Use the tool to tighten the screws and nuts several times at a time until all nuts are tight.

Use of tires

In order to make the tire uniform use, extend the service life of the tire, the tire with the same size and number of tire layers should be replaced every six months in turn, when changing the tire to check the damage degree of the tire surface.In most cases, severe abnormal wear is caused by abnormal tire pressure, wheel imbalance, or sudden braking force applied to the tread. Front and rear tire pressure must meet the standard value and check the tightness of the wheel nut.

Daily, you effectively pay attention to the above points, can effectively protect the four-wheel battery car tires, to ensure its normal running.

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